Robotics to uncover the beauty of tomorrow’s skylines

Verobotics disrupts the multi-billion dollar industry of facade upkeep and maintenance with a revolutionized technological solution offering a plug & play robotics service for small residential buildings and up to skyscrapers.

We bring an unparalleled understanding of the market, customers’ pain points and building complexity. Our team is reimagining how building facades are managed and maintained in top condition.

We are creating a revolution for a world that hasn’t changed since it was established.

Continuous maintenance all year long

Our technology builds on principles from aerospace engineering and cutting edge robotics to create autonomous solutions that adapt to most buildings’ envelope, in any region and climate.


Fully Autonomous

Requires minimal to none human involvement to activate.


Cost Efficient

Up to 50% percent cheaper than existing manually-operated alternatives.


Safety & Compliant

Focus on staff safety, avoiding unnecessary risks during facade maintenance works.


Operational Efficiency

Instant deployment, highly flexible and modular on your call


Energy Efficient

Helps buildings optimize energy use and comply with new regulations for cleaner cities.

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